Wave Goodbye to Bookkeeping Stress With Catch Up

Overwhelmed by pending bookkeeping tasks? Uplinq is here for you. We connect you with skilled bookkeepers to promptly bring your books up to speed and primed for filing.

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Blazing Fast Review
We can complete years bookkeeping in days - not weeks or months. When we need your input, our state of the art platform makes it easy to help.
Automated Quality Checks
Pulling together historical data is never easy, but our technology makes this easy. We’ll monitor your accounts for missing data and work with you to resolve any issues.
Filing-ready financials
Filing can be complex, so we provide a comprehensive financial package for every year of catch-up. It includes all the documents you require to organize and prep for filing.

Get Your Books Back On-Track

Quick, filing ready books

Need months or years' worth of bookkeeping? Starting from scratch? We're here to clean it up for you. Regardless of your bookkeeping status, we'll promptly and accurately handle your delayed books.

Let us do the work

Your Uplinq bookkeeper will tackle your pending books with ease. Each month of historical bookkeeping undergoes a series of quality checks to ensure complete, tax-ready precision.

Multi-entity support

With Uplinq, you’ll always get a price that makes sense for your needs, and we’ll never upsell you.

Catch Up Package for every year

Filing taxes can be stressful. Filing for multiple years? Way worse. Let us handle your overdue books, and you'll get a tidy Year End Financial Package for every year we complete–so you can get filed fast.

All of your financial statements in one place

Your Catch Up Package includes your income statement, balance sheet, general ledger, trial balance, and journal entry summary.

Exactly what they’re looking for

Seeking a loan? Want to impress investors with your business' health? Clean income statements and balance sheets make demonstrating your business's worth straightforward.


Financials that move your business forward

Dig into the numbers

From transactions to annual statements, every piece of financial data in the Uplinq solution is interconnected. Dig into your P&L and learn what’s driving your performance.

On-Demand Financials

At Uplinq, we believe bookkeeping is only as useful as its output, so we’ve spent time ensure transaction categorizations hit your books real time.

Multi-entity support

The Uplinq system has been built from the ground up to make viewing, analyzing, and consolidating multi-entity organizations a breeze. Kiss financial consolidation troubles goodbye.

Need Tax help as well?

When you’re ready to take your tax needs to the next level, our all-in-one platform scales to fit your needs. You can ad tax filing, as well as more comprehensive tax solutions, to any bookkeeping plan. Want to start with Tax? Don’t worry, we support that too.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you clean up my books from previous years?
How long will it take to complete my Catch Up?

Ready to get started?

Bookkeeping is painful. It doesn’t have to be. Uplinq is focused on providing a better solution: global connectivity, simple onboarding, weekly financial updates, and a constant focus on providing businesses with value - not additional friction. Welcome to bookkeeping made simple.

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