Your questions Answered

Uplinq FAQs


What is Uplinq? Are you a service or a software tool?
Is support provided with Uplinq? Will I be able to talk to my bookkeeper?
Who can benefit from Uplinq’s services?
How does Uplinq complete bookkeeping?
Do you offer both accrual and cash bookkeeping? What’s the distinction?
Do you support international companies?
Do you support entrepreneurs with multiple businesses?

Pricing & Subscriptions

How is pricing structured?
Do you provide discounts for pre-revenue startups?
What is the cancellation policy? What happens if I’ve prepaid annually?
Can I opt for a month-to-month agreement?

Bookkeeping & Catch Up

Why is Uplinq bookkeeping special?
How can I work with my Uplinq bookkeeper?
How often will my bookkeeping be updated?
Is the accuracy of my books verified?
Can I use Uplinq if my business uses additional tools like Payroll, Invoicing, or Billing Management?
How do I get started with Uplinq?
Can you clean up my books from previous years?
How long will it take to complete my Catch Up?


What are my tax options with Uplinq?
What makes Uplinq Tax special?
What are the difference in tax tiers?
I have one or more outstanding tax returns I need to file. Can you help?
How does Uplinq handle billing for business tax subscriptions?
How does Uplinq handle billing for personal tax subscriptions?


Is Uplinq secure?
How does Uplinq protect my data?