The Uplinq Story

Welcome to the 'Our Story' section, where you'll discover the journey that has shaped Uplinq into the cutting-edge financial solutions provider it is today. From our humble beginnings to our groundbreaking innovations in bookkeeping and tax services, we've been driven by a simple mission: to empower small and medium-sized businesses with real-time, seamless, and value-generating financial tools.

September 2018
The Uplinq founding team cut their teeth on a different tech venture called Haulynx, aimed at serving the long-haul trucking industry. The startup was eventually acquired by US Xpress and rebranded as Xpress Technologies.
August 2020
Born out of a desire to bring efficient bookkeeping and financial solutions to SMBs, the founding team established Uplinq, identifying a glaring gap in the market.
March 2021
Jacob, a Machine Learning PhD, joined the team to develop algorithms aimed at reducing manual labor involved in transaction categorization and account reconciliation.

“Bookkeeping for small businesses shares many parallels with healthcare machine learning challenges I've tackled at Google, such as dealing with high-dimensional, complex, and noisy data sets. In both sectors, the key is to extract meaningful, actionable insights from this data, allowing for more informed and timely decision-making. The beauty of applying machine learning to bookkeeping is that it has the potential to drastically reduce human labor costs, much like how it's revolutionizing diagnostic processes in healthcare..”

Jacob Peplinski, Co-founder and CTO of Uplinq

October 2021
Uplinq raises their angel financing 🎉

“The $1.7 million investment was a game-changer for Uplinq, allowing us to accelerate the development and launch of our core bookkeeping product. This financial backing enabled us to fine-tune our machine learning algorithms and expand our feature set, ensuring that we deliver a top-notch, seamless experience for small business owners.”

Gabe Lease, Head of Product

January 2022
The Beta version of Uplinq was met with overwhelming enthusiasm, confirming the team's belief in the necessity of their product for small business owners.

Uplinq teamed up with Peter Tarka, a world-renowned 3D artist known for his collaborations with industry giants like Google, Spotify, and Apple, to craft our distinctive brand identity. This partnership allowed us to infuse our visual language with the same level of innovation and quality that we bring to our bookkeeping and financial services

August 2022
Uplinq raises their Seed financing 🎉

The Seed round was led by AZ-VC and saw participation from Live Oak Bank Ventures and Merus Capital, each endorsing Uplinq's vision of a revamped, efficient back office for SMBs.

January 2023
Breaking the 300-customer mark, Uplinq introduced its proprietary web app with integrations to over 10,000 banks and full sync capabilities with Quickbooks Online.
June 2023
🚀 Uplinq Tax Launches
Uplinq expanded its service offerings by launching Uplinq Tax, aiming to provide a comprehensive accounting and tax solution to its clients.
uplinq tax
September 2023
🚀 Uplinq Autopilot Launches
Uplinq introduced Autopilot, the world's first real-time bookkeeping tool, allowing customers the freedom to interact with their financial statements on demand.
We remain committed to improving bookkeeping and tax solutions for our customers. Using the latest technology and expertise, we're making financial management easier and more empowering for small businesses. Thank you for being part of our journey.