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Unlock Maximum savings with Uplinq Tax. We not only ensure timely and accurate filings, but we also tailor tax strategies to put your hard-earned money back where it belongs—in your pocket

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Customized Tax Support to Fit Your Business

Whatever stage your business is at, you’re covered with Uplinq. We cover the tax support, prep, and filing from start to finish.

Real-time bookkeeping

Uplinq bookkeeping keeps your financial data updated in real-time, meaning we’re always there to support your filing.

We'll handle the filing

When you’re ready to file, your dedicated Tax Assistant will collect all necessary documents and forms. Then your Uplinq Tax Advisor will facilitate the preparation, review and filing of your income tax return on time, every time.

One Tidy Year End Financial Package

Tax time can be chaotic. But fret not, our comprehensive Year-End Financial Package integrates all for you - ensuring a smooth tax season.

Make year-end comprehensive

The Year-End Financial Package includes precise notes and a broad view of your business details. Here’s what you’ll get:

Income Statement

Balance Sheet

Trial Balance

Journal Entry Summary

General Ledger

You can access your Year-End Financial Package in-app or download it as an Excel file. Curious about its format? Download a template now.

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Enhanced Tax Solutions for Superior Returns

For business owner’s focused on maximizing their tax savings and ensuring you’re ready for anything the IRS may ask, we’ve developed enhanced tax solutions just for you.

Tax savings strategy

We’ll review your business and unpack the specific aspects relevant to your business and personal tax returns, and design a tax-efficient strategy.

Peace of mind

With Uplinq, you’ll get peace of mind with your tax filing, knowing we stand behind you and your return.


Financials that move your business forward

Dig into the numbers

From transactions to annual statements, every piece of financial data in the Uplinq solution is interconnected. Dig into your P&L and learn what’s driving your performance.

On-Demand Financials

At Uplinq, we believe bookkeeping is only as useful as its output, so we’ve spent time ensure transaction categorizations hit your books real time.

Multi-entity support

The Uplinq system has been built from the ground up to make viewing, analyzing, and consolidating multi-entity organizations a breeze. Kiss financial consolidation troubles goodbye.

Filing-ready financials
Filing can be complex, so we provide a comprehensive financial package for every year of catch-up. It includes all the documents you require to organize and prep for filing.
Optimized tax strategy
We’ll review your business and unpack the specific aspects relevant to your business and personal tax returns, and design a tax-efficient strategy.
Peace of mind
Pulling together historical data is never easy, but our technology makes this easy. We’ll monitor your accounts for missing data and work with you to resolve any issues.

Need help cleaning up previous years as well?

Don't let overdue bookkeeping hold you back. With Uplinq's specialized Catch-Up Solutions, we'll quickly get you up to speed—no matter how far behind you are. Say goodbye to the stress and uncertainty of outdated books. Take the first step to financial clarity by learning more about how Uplinq can get your business back on track today.

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Tired of stressing out about bookkeeping and tax?

Uplinq real-time bookkeeping and experienced accountants help hundreds of businesses stay on top of their financials and tax obligations. Uplinq is bookkeeping and tax made simple.

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