Protect your most important asset: your data

Achieve peace of mind with enterprise-grade solutions—all within a single accounting platform. Our cutting-edge cloud security and stringent compliance measures assure you of the highest levels of data protection.

Our Data Priorities

Security & Compliance
Uplinq prioritizes security at every level, having been meticulously engineered with confidentiality, integrity, and availability as foundational principles. Rest assured with our superior privacy and security measures. Uplinq is SOC 2 Type II compliant, providing enterprise-level data protection that you can trust in the cloud.
User Management & Permissioning
Benefit from robust access controls that help you manage internal collaboration effectively, minimizing errors and enhancing data security. Exercise precise control with role-based access and comprehensive permission settings, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to specific data.

Uplinq Security Policy

Version 1.5. Latest update: 06/01/2023


Firstly, Uplinq continuously undergoes SOC 2 compliance and security assessments with Drata. (

Secondly, our commitment to enhancing security is unwavering. We facilitate secure management of your teams, clients, and shared data, providing peace of mind as you and your clients upload and share information via our platform.

Our software relies on highly secure and reputable storage APIs to ensure your organization's compliance and protection. These services are in line with universally recognized standards such as ISO 27001, and SOC 1, 2, and 3.

Data Encryption

Sensitive data, whether in transit or at rest, is encrypted using strong, industry-standard algorithms. Uplinq adheres to approved encryption standards, which are regularly reviewed and updated in response to industry changes. Uplinq refrains from custom encryption practices and avoids "security through obscurity" within our production infrastructure and applications. All employee-used laptops owned by Uplinq have full disk encryption enabled as they are expected to interact with company and client data. Uplinq's wireless networks employ WPA2-AES encryption for secure data transit. Encryption-in-TransitThe minimum TLS standard utilized by Uplinq is TLS v1.3. All our public web properties and relevant infrastructure components employ SSL/TLS, IPSEC, and SSH, signed by a trusted certificate provider, to secure data during transmission over public networks.

Password Management

Uplinq employees are required to use complex passwords for all accounts accessing company data.Such "complex" passwords include a combination of uppercase, lowercase, numerical, and special characters, with a minimum length of 10 characters. Password uniqueness is mandated; the re-use of passwords from personal accounts or elsewhere is prohibited. Users are prompted to change their password upon initial login or after a reset, as mandated by our VP of Engineering. We use 1Password for managing and generating complex passwords. Passwords are encrypted both at rest and during transmission. Account passwords are confidential and should not be shared under any circumstances.

Access Monitoring

Each Uplinq employee is assigned a unique user ID and password to access company IT resources. Uplinq's server database is housed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) data centers, a highly secure and popular cloud computing platform.