Overview: Using UPLINQ's App

Learn how to use your UPLINQ application to make connections, review dashboards, and take other actions.


Welcome to our step-by-step guide on how to use UPLINQ's web application. This application is always accessible to users via their account that was setup during the Onboarding process. Within the application you will find various dashboards depending on what part of the UPLINQ bookkeeping process you are in. This document outlines the app sections and will route you to detailed documents on each section.

My Bookkeeping

The My Bookkeeping portion of your UPLINQ application is your home base. For a more detailed explanation and walk through of the page, please view our My Bookkeeping Help Center document.

Data Hub

The Data Hub application feature will be releasing soon! Documentation will follow!

Financial Overview

The Financial Overview dashboard allows you to to a quick look at your business's financial performance. Additionally, the visualization makes identifying high-level trends even easier. Learn more about this dashboards functionality by reviewing UPLINQ's Financial Overview Help Center document.


Within the Transactions dashboard is some of the most important information and user action needed. The transaction dashboard allows you to review individual transaction categorization, provide feedback on transaction questions from your UPLINQ Accounting Specialist, and leave comments on categorized data.

To learn more about all the unique functionality please review our Transactions Help Center document.

Profit & Loss

Often times, Profit & Loss reports are boring and static. Read through UPLINQ's Help Center document regarding our Profit & Loss dashboard to learn how to make the best use of this functionality.

Balance Sheet

Being familiar with your business's Balance Sheet is vital. Take a look at UPLINQ's Balance Sheet Help Center document to learn more about this dashboard and its functionality.

Multi-Entity Summary

Documentation for this portion of UPLINQ's application is coming soon!

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