Expert Bookkeepers and Powerful Tools on Your Side

Uplinq integrates AI with dedicated accounting specialists to deliver unparalleled quality with minimal fuss. Keep your records current, translate data into actionable insights, and receive advanced financial intelligence at your fingertips.

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What you get with Uplinq Bookkeeping

Live bookkeeping backed by experts
Our state-of-the-art automation simplifies your bookkeeping processes, while our dedicated experts provide unrivaled support. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to streamlined accounting.
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Financial reporting that matters
Gain deep insights into your business' past performance and present status with our comprehensive financial reports. Leverage this data to optimize your spending and fuel intelligent business decisions.
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Effortless year-end management
With our services, tax-ready financial reports are a given. Need assistance with your tax filing? Include Tax in your plan and let us handle it for you, ensuring a hassle-free year-end experience.
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Real-time bookkeeping and expert support

Bookkeeping - up to the minute

Our team is constantly monitor our automation, ensure your books are up to date when you need them, error free.

Regular updates and prompt responses

Expect routine contact from us with the latest on your bookkeeping status. Got an urgent question? Rest assured, you’ll get a response within one business day.

Year round support

Our in-house research team is available all year long, providing expert advice tailored to your small business — and this comprehensive support comes at no extra charge.

Dig into the numbers

From transactions to annual statements, every piece of financial data in the Uplinq solution is interconnected. Dig into your P&L and learn what’s driving your performance.

On-Demand Financials

At Uplinq, we believe bookkeeping is only as useful as its output, so we’ve spent time ensure transaction categorizations hit your books real time.

Multi-Entity Support

The Uplinq system has been built from the ground up to make viewing, analyzing, and consolidating multi-entity organizations a breeze. Kiss financial consolidation troubles goodbye.

Make Year End Comprehensive

The Year-End Financial Package includes precise notes and a broad view of your business details. Here’s what you’ll get:

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Trial Balance
Journal Entry Summary
General Ledger

Multi-Entity Support

You can access your Year-End Financial Package in-app or download it as an Excel file. Curious about its format? Download a template now.

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I've been wanting to find a template for Webflow for a long time now, but couldn't find anything that I liked. After trying multiple other templates, I found one from Cash and it was perfect.

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Effortless Navigation

Navigate Cash's intuitive template effortlessly, simplifying your journey to financial excellence.

Tailor-Made for You

Craft your unique identity with Cash's customizable template, ensuring it resonates perfectly with your brand.

Rapid Launch, No Fuss

Launch your template with lightning speed using Cash, freeing up your time for strategic pursuits.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Ready to get started?

Bookkeeping is painful. It doesn’t have to be. Uplinq is focused on providing a better solution: global connectivity, simple onboarding, weekly financial updates, and a constant focus on providing businesses with value - not additional friction. Welcome to bookkeeping made simple.

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