Managing Users

Securely manage user access within your Uplinq account, enabling authorized personnel to add or delete users, ensuring seamless control and sharing of sensitive financial information and transactions.

Adding and Deleting Users in Your Uplinq Account

Managing Your Uplinq Account

Uplinq provides a seamless accounting and bookkeeping experience, and part of that experience is the ability to share access to your account with other users. We prioritize security, and therefore, only the account owner is authorized to add, delete, or modify user access. This ensures that control over sensitive financial information remains in the hands of authorized personnel.

Included user permissions are:
  • Viewing all account transactions
  • Making categorization decisions
  • Accessing financial statements and reports

Note: Every user you invite to an entity will receive complete access to the corresponding Uplinq account for that specific entity.

To add a new user:
  1. As the account owner, send an email to your Accounting Specialist or including the following details:
  2. First and last name of the new user
  3. Email address of the new user
  4. Company name(s) the new user will access
  5. The new user will receive a reset password email to create their own unique Uplinq account password. This usually takes 1-2 days.
To delete a user:
  1. As the account owner, send an email to your Accounting Specialist or including the following details:
  2. First and last name of the user
  3. Email address of the user
  4. Company name or names the user accessed
  5. The user access will be removed with in 1 business day and a confirmation email sent to the account owner.
How Many Users Can You Add?

There is no limit; you can add as many users as you need to your Uplinq account.

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