Upgrade to Uplinq Tax

Elevate your financial management by upgrading to Uplinq's Tax Plan with Bookkeeping, offering tailored advice, year-round support, and optimized financial opportunities specifically designed for your business needs.

Upgrade to an Uplinq Tax Plan with Bookkeeping

Are you eager to optimize your business finances? Welcome to the empowering world of Uplinq's Tax Preparation and Consultation Services!

Let us walk you through the steps to add a tax service subscription to your Uplinq account. Depending on the plan you select, subscribing to our tax service provides you with year-round support, tax filing assistance, and financial advisory services tailored to your needs. Follow the instructions below to complete the subscription process.

Upgrade available for customers with
  • An active Uplinq Bookkeeping subscription on our platform
  • A valid payment method on file
  • Complete your tax upgrade review with our team

To get started contact our team at and someone on our team will reach out soon.

Compare Uplinq plans

Take advantage of tailored tax advice specifically designed to uncover financial opportunities for your business. Partner with us, and let's collaboratively pave your way to financial prosperity!

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